Truth in Advertising Program notes

What is the function of a title? A sign to tell the people who read the program what the performance is about? Or a lens through which the audience should view the performance, creating an event that is something different than is what is happening on stage? Neither function we find satisfactory.

If the function of a title is to tell the audience what is happening, then it leaves no room for the audience to participate, for them to create the performance within themselves initiated by what is presented on stage. On the other hand, if the artist uses the title as a lens, then s/he runs the risk of being too vague, leaving all the work of creating the performance up to the audience's imagination and perception. And if that is the case, then the audience could just as well stay home and imagine their own performance.

"Truth in Advertising" presents 7 pieces each with two titles - one a sign and one a lens.

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